Inquiry Mindset Videos


Showing a video such as Caine’s Arcade, as shared in Dive into Inquiry, provides learners with the opportunity to witness the impact a child can have when he follows his passion. It allows learners to visualize possibilities and prompts rich discussion and dissection of Caine’s possible inquiry process. In our experience, this video fills learners with excitement and inspiration.


We love Josh Kaufman’s twenty-hour timeline for learning a new skill, and we share part of it with our older learners. In a TED Talk, Josh shares how a new skill can be learned in twenty hours through deliberate and mindful practice. Here Josh clarifies the steps to learn a new skill in a few steps.


Project Daniel is a short YouTube video about the work of Mike Ebeling. A few years ago Mike traveled to war-torn Sudan to design and print prosthetics for youth who had lost limbs.