An Educator's Review of Inquiry Mindset for EdTechTeam

Check out what Laurie Guyon had to say about her reading of Inquiry mindset is this blog post for EdTechTeam.  See below and hit the jump to read on:

"The idea of adding inquiry to our classrooms is exciting for teachers.  It offers us a chance to get to know our student’s better, to understand their passions, and it provides student agency. Inquiry makes teaching electric again. But there are best practices and foundational skills needed to ensure that inquiry is implemented effectively.  That is where Trevor Mackenzie’s new book Inquiry Mindset comes in.  His expertise, along with that of Kindergarten teacher, Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt creates a guided pathway for us as teachers to learn, to explore, and to implement inquiry into our classrooms.  

When I read Trevor’s first book, Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice, I realized the power of inquiry in the classroom. I showcased this book in trainings, online workshops, and in lessons in teacher’s classrooms. I believed inquiry would transform their classrooms into communities where students learn because they are curious. In an inquiry community, students are given the freedom to explore, examine, and question."


Custom Inquiry Collaboration

I truly enjoy visiting a staff, school, or organization that has committed themselves to adopting inquiry as their own.  The room is electric, the energy is infectious, and the learning is rich, palpable and meaningful.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much I am inspired by my work supporting inquiry in schools.

Case in point check out this brief video of a room full of educators (150+) all working towards deepening their understanding of essential questions and how these frame lesson and unit design.  

Inquiry Mindset Flipgrid Book Club This July!

Rebecca and I are excited to announce that we'll be facilitating a 3 week Inquiry Mindset book club in partnership with the fine folks at Flipgrid!

From July 2 to July 20 we'll be posting prompts, replying to reader responses, elaborating on ideas from the book, and learning alongside teachers from around the world!

If you're keen to join us buy your copy of the book here and sign on for the book club here.  

We can't wait!

Flipgrid Book Club.png

Rethinking School

This week's #MeaningfulMonday calls on us, all of us, to rethink how we "do school".  Whether it's bell schedules, disciplines, the role of the teacher or the role of the learner, this provocation provides us with a healthy dose of why do we do things the way we are doing them?  

All stakeholders, parents, teachers, students, community members, need to watch this. 

Make your Monday meaningful y'all.