Rethinking School

This week's #MeaningfulMonday calls on us, all of us, to rethink how we "do school".  Whether it's bell schedules, disciplines, the role of the teacher or the role of the learner, this provocation provides us with a healthy dose of why do we do things the way we are doing them?  

All stakeholders, parents, teachers, students, community members, need to watch this. 

Make your Monday meaningful y'all.


A World With Colour

This week's #MeaningfulMonday is all about honouring creativity, diversity and originality.  It's about showing our students that we value their voice, their passions and their interests.  It's about harnessing the unique traits of our learners in our classrooms each and every day. 

Together, watch this provocation to help lay the framework for more creative and authentic demonstrations of learning and to honour the talents of your students.

Make your Monday meaningful y'all.

And thank you to good friend and colleague Jessie Moore for pushing this my way.

How Do You Stir Curiosity in Your Classroom?

How Do You Stir Curiosity in Your Classroom?

Check out this guest post for the fine folks at CUE and hit the jump for the original.  Love it!

You know those moments in class when we have our students on the edge of their seats?  When engagement is palpable and their eyes are wide open?  You can hear a pin drop.  You can feel their excitement.  And you just know they are getting it, they are understanding, and their minds are full of wonder and interest.

I aim to create these sorts of learning experiences as much as I can in my classroom.