Elevate Resources

We've created these resources to support your in your reading of Dive into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset.  Consider bringing these into your classroom to help your students acquire the skills and understandings necessary to be successful in inquiry.  Use these with your colleagues to help implement powerful and sustained inquiry with in your school and organization for your students.  Please explore, create, and share these helpful resources with your network.  And be sure to return from time to time as we continue to to this space.

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Empowered Inquiry Spaces -Aug 2018.png

Bring student agency to your classroom by empowering your learners to design spaces to support their needs. Use this resource to help your students understand the framework and to identify specific spaces in your classroom.

12 The Tree of Inquiry.png

Whether it be PBL, design thinking, or genius hour, it's easy to get confused by the many education buzzwords floating about. Read Trevor's piece with MindShift KQED and bring this sketchnote to your staff to help create a common understanding for your inquiry work.