Here is your series of webinars introducing chapters and big ideas from Inquiry Mindset so you can hear firsthand our thoughts on how to get the most out of the book.  We share some tips, advice and clarity on how you can elevate your reading and impact teaching and learning in your school.  Watch each one before you begin reading the corresponding chapter to help set the stage for a truly personalized reading of Inquiry Mindset!

Chapter 1: The Inquiry Teacher

Chapter 1 is all about focusing on the role of the teacher in inquiry and demystifying the specific characteristics and understandings powerful inquiry teachers possess.

Chapter 2: 10 Reasons to use Inquiry-based Learning

Chapter 2 is all about focusing on the characteristics of the inquiry classroom and reflecting on which of these elements of inquiry are evident in our own practice.

Chapter 4: The Types of Student Inquiry

Chapter 4 is all about a scaffolded approach to inquiry, one that, over time, intentionally fosters the skills and understandings needed to be successful when students have more agency over their learning.  This is the backbone of our work and what we propose in inquiry.  It is powerful stuff!

Chapter 6: The Four Pillars of Inquiry

Chapter 6 is all about mindfully planning powerful start points to inquiry that plant the seeds for engaging, authentic and relevant learning to occur.

Chapter 7: The Role of Questions in Inquiry

Chapter 7 is all about the critical role of questions in inquiry and clarifying how questions are to be used in the inquiry classroom.  Be ready for closed questions, essential questions, the Question Formulation Technique as well as a variety of other ideas, artifacts and activities all focused on sparking questions.

Chapter 8: Explore & Research: The Teacher Librarian as an Inquiry Ally

Chapter 8 is all about the empowering role our teacher librarians play in supporting inquiry in our classrooms, in our libraries and throughout our schools.


Here we recap this portion of our collaboration and encourage you to keep the learning alive as we continue our partnership and support of one another on this inquiry journey!