The Power of the Provocation

A powerful start point to inquiry is the use of provocations.  In the inquiry classroom provocations are prompts, artifacts, images or videos that spark wonders, curiosities, questions and potential inquiries in our learners.

Each and every Monday I publish a provocation as part of a series titled #MeaningfulMonday.  Check out how it all began here.

As a sneak peek into Inquiry Mindset I’d like to share with you all one of the amazing sketchnotes from the book.  All of the sketches have been created by my talented co-author Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt.

Provocations allow us to spark learning opportunities.  Powerful discussions, engaging questions, and meaningful learning pathways are inevitabley created when we begin learning with a provocation.  Look for more in Inquiry Mindset as we share how provocations can be used in the inquiry classroom.