Announcing the Release of Inquiry Mindset!

I am extremely excited to announce the release of my next book Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders and Curiosities of our Youngest Learners co-authored with the amazing Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt!


This project truly originated from my travels around the world.  The more I spoke at events and supported teachers in their adoption of inquiry, the more I realized this second book was needed.  Inquiry Mindset focuses on nurturing the skills and understandings necessary to maximize the power of personalized learning.  The book explains how this is done in the elementary years with a specific focus on the kindergarten to grade 7 setting.  Inquiry Mindset is accessible – it’s written by teachers for teachers.  It is actionable – each and every chapter is PACKED with takeaways that you can adopt over your lunch break.  And it’s meaningful – the changes we propose will create the most inspiring and powerful shifts in your classroom for both you and your students!

Some of what you can expect from Inquiry Mindset

…we unpack the role of the classroom teacher in adopting inquiry in their practice and support them in enhancing their understanding of inquiry.  The single greatest factor in ensuring a successful transition in pedagogy takes place comes down to the educator in the classroom – and our aim is to support you in your learning journey!

…we introduce the Types of Student Inquiry, a scaffolded approach to inquiry that proposes a gradual release over learning from the teacher to the student.  This scaffolding affords a ton of great benefits for both the teacher and learner.  From ensuring mandated learning objectives and curricular goals are met to best preparing our students for meaningful life long learning, you’ll love this approach to inquiry!

…how to create a learning culture that fosters curiosity, questions and passions from students and leverage these into curricular connections and assessments.  We strive to keep our students’ wonders and curiosities at the forefront of learning.  We aim to have them leave our elementary school classrooms more curious about the world than when they entered school on their first day of kindergarten!

…awesome sketchnotes, photos from classrooms and QR codes that bring big ideas to life and help educators embrace the inquiry mindset.  These images and quick links to resources help you make meaningful changes in your classroom, share these ideas with your PLN, and leverage these tools to your advantage!

…a vibrant community of like minded educators who are all on a similar learning journey and sharing their ideas and resources to our #InquiryMindset tribe!  Each chapter prompts the reader to take action, document your learning, and share it with one another.  The rich sharing, the meaningful networking and the subsequent authentic learning that occurs throughout your reading will make Inquiry Mindset the most powerful edubook you’ve read!

…and so much more!  From wonder walls, to Flipgrid, to showcase events, to the power of questions, to the role of the teacher librarian, to the curiosity jar…the list goes on and on.  You will be blown away – trust me!

As you can tell I am super proud of this book!  I simply cannot wait to get it in the hands of teachers and support you all in elevating your teaching to best support the needs of your students.  We are ramping up the excitement all month for the March release. is getting a complete redesign and will be our launch point for a bunch of information you don’t want to miss.  We’ll be giving away some powerful FREE resources and only people in the know on our newsletter and tuning into will get access.  Stay tuned and as always, please share with your PLN by clicking one of the below share features.