Burnaby & New Westminster Inquiry Learning Lab

This past school year I was honoured to support 80+ educators from several schools in Burnaby and New Westminster in their journey towards adopting inquiry in their practice in the Inquiry Learning Lab Series.

The Inquiry Learning Lab Series supported participants with three days of release from their classroom (October, January and April) to collaborate with a school-based inquiry team with me as facilitator and lead learner.  Participants all received a copy of Dive into Inquiry and connected between sessions using our series hyperdoc as well as on our Flipgrid community page.  The Inquiry Learning Lab Series is designed to be action focused, reflection robust, and big ideas/small steps structured.

Needless to say it was a highlight of my year to work alongside such inspired and committed teachers as we all aim to better meet the needs of our students.  I have more such partnerships in 2018/19 that I am looking forward to!