Amazing Things Happening in Glenview D34!

Sometimes the most magical learning and authentic friendships can appear out of a single tweet. In fact, you’d be surprised how often this tends to happen. A few retweets between likeminded educators, add in a couple comments on one another’s tweets, sprinkle in a couple of DMs, and POOF, an inspiring partnership is planned!

Case in point my experience with Matt Silverman, Assistant Superitnedent for Curriculum of Glenview D34 in Illinois just north of Chicago.

Our interactions on twitter led to us planning a day of learning with teachers, librarians, instructional coaches, and administrators from his district. From the moment I stepped out of my Uber in the parking lot to the post-learning social he planned for attendees I was greeted with unparalleled kindness. The energy from the group was a joy to witness as we unpacked inquiry together.

Thank you to Matt, Adrienne, Sam, and Barrie (and everyone for that matter!) for welcoming into your district and treating me like family. Your kindness will not be forgotten!

Find them at #WeAreD34