Inquiry Myths - What is Inquiry?

In this series I aim to bust some common myths I often hear in my travels supporting teachers and schools in adopting an Inquiry Mindset for their students. My hope is that we can begin to inform colleagues, parents, and students as to what the reality of inquiry truly is. Please help this movement by sharing these with your PLN.

Here we go with providing some clarity into how the roles of the learner and teacher shift in the inquiry classroom!

I love the power of the pivot. The “pivot” refers to that slightly nuanced move of the responsive educator who, through careful observation and tuning in to the needs of the learners in the room, is able to shift and take on different roles for different students.

As of late a large part of my work in inquiry has been focused on demystifying this action. I’ve been observing inquiry teachers, in inquiry, as they respond to their learners and it has been magical! In order to help clarify some of what happens in the room as these teachers pivot I hope you find this image helpful in reimagining the roles of the teacher and learner in the inquiry classroom. It’s in these shifting roles that true and sustained inquiry resides. Consider bringing these into your classroom in a structured and intentional manner. And try the pivot on for yourself!