5 Ideas To Bring The Inquiry Mindset To Your Classroom Today - Podcast with Vicki Davis

I was thrilled to be a guest on Vicki Davis's (aka The CoolCat Teacher) podcast to share 5 ways to bring the inquiry mindset to your classroom.  It's a high energy and fast paced show where our love for teaching shines through - big time!

Here are the 5 big ideas from the podcast:

Idea #1 Ask students what their curiosities and interests and passions are

Idea #2 Bring in provocations

Idea #4: Model your own passions, interests, and curiosities

Idea #4: Bring in a real world problem or challenge

Idea #5: Use the power of the PLN

Inquiry Mindset: Flipgrid Short Shorts Film Festival

Recently I provided the mic drop closing message to Flipgrid’s 1st annual Short Shorts Film Festival, a Facebook LIVE event that featured inspiring video from 10 edu rockstars! The series of short yet incredibly powerful ignite-style keynotes was a highlight for me!

Check my video below, the entire series here and each individual mic drop here.

Huge shout out to Adam Short Shorts and the Flipgrid crew for putting on this amazing event!

And to all the other speakers, a huge thank you: KathiBonnieMartinPriscillaAmyNatashaToddKimMichael, and Karie

Inquiry Mindset Review by Barbara Bray

Thankful to Barbara Bray for sharing her excitement for Inquiry Mindset in this awesome recap and review that was published prior to the book coming to print.  See below and hit the jumpy to read on:

"I was fortunate to have received a draft of Inquiry Mindset written by Trevor MacKenzie with kindergarten teacher Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. I will be sharing more about Trevor when I get to post the conversation I had with him for my podcast series, but I wanted to get a book review out first since it will be released soon. This is a powerful book, and I’m excited for educators to be able to get their hands on a copy March 1st.

Inquiry Mindset expands on Trevor’s first book, Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice, with another powerful argument for inquiry-based learning by challenging educators to stoke students’ curiosities, hear their voices, and nurture their hearts. Inquiry Mindset begins with a personal story about Trevor’s son, Ewan, to bring you right in to grab your heartstrings about why we need inquiry. This book provides practical advice, examples, strategies, and resources for teachers so they can meet those challenges for their own professional learning. Inquiry Mindset takes readers on their own personal journeys to discover how they can become inquiry teachers."